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Originating from South Korea

About Us

MyungRang is the No. 1 brand and household name for Korean street food (fried sausage). Having sold more than 80 million sticks to date and with more than 650 shops internationally, it is now available in Malaysia!


MyungRang “명랑”, pronounced as Myung-Rang, means cheerful, playful, and bright in Korean and our goal is to provide Malaysians with a cheerful and delicious experience after each bite of our signature snacks!

Brand Promises

Premium rice flour
and crispy bread crumbs
imported from

Each stick is
freshly made,
hand-rolled and deep fried to golden perfection

Enjoy it exactly the same way as in

Korea -
MyungRang Sauce Bar

MyungRang Exclusive

Featuring more than 12  unique sauces and seasoning powder, create your own unique combination at our MyungRang Sauce Bar!

Myungrang hotdog


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MyungRang in Malaysia

To cater to our Malaysian fans, we are currently working with our Halal consultants on getting Halal certification. Meanwhile, 100% of all our chicken sausages are sourced from JAKIM certified suppliers.


Our management recognizes the importance of Halal, not only for religious reasons, but also from a food safety perspective. We hope for our customers to understand that achieving Halal is a lengthy process and we’re working hard and committed to getting there. 

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